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Categories: Files, Formats, Standards

Advanced Video Codec High Definition, a joint development between Panasonic and Sony, applies MPEG-4’s AVC video coding and Dolby Digital (AC-3) or linear PCM audio coding, to meet the needs of the high definition consumer market with 1080i and 720p formats. The use of AVC provides at least twice the efficiency of MPEG-2 coding, used in HDV and MiniDV, to offer longer recording times or better pictures – or both. Possible recording media include standard DVD disks, flash memory and hard drives.

Further developments have expanded the applications of AVCHD technology. The AVCHD Format Version 2.0 adds specifications for 3D and 1080/60P and 50P and supporting trademarks; AVCHD 3D, AVCHD Progressive and AVCHD 3D/Progressive.