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Categories: Standards

The Advanced Authoring Format – was an industry initiative launched in 1998, to create a file interchange standard for the easy sharing of media data and metadata among digital production tools and content creation applications, regardless of platform. It includes EBU/SMPTE metadata and management of pluggable effects and codecs. It allows open connections between equipment where video, audio and metadata, including information on how the content is composed, where it came from, etc., are transferred. It can fulfill the role of an all-embracing EDL or offer the basis for a media archive that any AAF-enabled system can use.

In 2007 AAF Association, Inc. changed its name to the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), with the tag ‘Putting AAF and MXF to work’. Today it is a container (or wrapper) format, with focus on file-based workflows including MXF and other formats. It was involved with the MXF Mastering Format Project that provided real-world solutions for key workflows, focusing on creating a single MXF master file from which multiple versions of a program may be created.

Website: www.amwa.tv